We are 1929 Lashes!
Everyone deserves to look and feel beautiful. Your eyes are the window to your soul, so why not frame them with beautiful eyelashes?  1929 Lashes will enhance and accentuate your existing eyelashes with high quality, traditional and magnetic false eyelashes.
Why 1929? 
The Roaring Twenties.
Flappers and Art Deco. Prohibition and Suffrage. Jazz and the Charleston.
The Twenties had it all!
In the 20's, women broke barriers. With bobbed hair, short hemlines, pencil thin eyebrows, and bee-sting lips, we took to the jazz clubs, dancing the Charleston while drinking and smoking the night away.
Art Deco’s bold, luxurious, and exuberant style brought a new aesthetic to the world. Simplicity, richness and color brought a sense of glamour and optimism to women's fashion.
Bold and beautiful women defined 1920's style. Coco Chanel was the icon of fashion. Marlene Dietrich and Joan Crawford dripped diamonds and oozed sexiness. Josephine Baker became the first black woman to star in a major motion picture.
1929 Lashes celebrates women of every era. With a mix of beauty, innovation, and glamour, we help you define your style. At 1929 Lashes:
You Matter
You Are Loved
You Are Worthy
You Are Beautiful