The Sidecar: From Motorcycles to Cocktails to Lashes

The origin of the motorcycle sidecar is undisputed. In 1893, Frenchman Jean Bertoux won a contest for developing the best way to carry a passenger on a bike. In 1903, W. J. Graham of Britain translated the idea to the motorcycle and a movement was born.

What is disputed is the origin of the Sidecar cocktail. Some argue that it was introduced at the Ritz Hotel in Paris. One of the regulars, an American Army Captain always arrived at the Ritz with a sidecar on his motorcycle.

An alternative version has it invented at Buck's Club, a popular London pub at the end of WWI. Wherever it was invented, the modern version is made of Cognac, Cointreau and Lemon Juice, with sugar on the rim of the glass.

Which brings us to our Sidecar lashes. These medium volume classics recall the timeless 1920's of Paris and London. Wherever you choose to wear them, you will represent the beauty of a bygone era.