Applying Magnetic Lashes

Are you ready to apply your lashes in 45 seconds or less? Yes, it's that easy!
Before the application, shake the magnetic liner and test the product on your hand. Our magnetic liner is safe to use, there are no heavy metals or parabens in our formula. However, always test the product on your skin before applying to your eye. If no reaction occurs proceed with the application process. If  you have any pre-existing eye conditions, consult your doctor. 


Step 1: Trim The Ends. 
Everyone has different eye shapes and sizes. It is important to trim the lashes to whatever fits your needs. 
Step 2: Apply Magnetic Eyeliner. 
We recommend apply 2-3 coats of eyeliner onto your eyelid. Make sure the liner is as thick as the magnets to ensure a strong hold. Wait until the liner is 80% dry to apply the lashes. 
Step 3: Apply Magnetic Lashes.
Grab the magnetic lashes in the middle of the band and align the lash with the middle of your eyelid. Once you get your magnetic lashes as close to your natural eyelashes gently press down the outer corner of the lashes to create a bond. Once they have magnetized gently press down the inner corner. 
Step 1: Gently Remove Magnetic Lashes
To remove your magnetic lashes gently lift the outer corner of the lash band and pull up. 
Step 2: Removing Magnetic Liner
To remove our magnetic liner use an oil-based make remover and gently remove the liner from your eyelid. 
Step 3: Cleaning Magnetic Lashes
To clean your magnetic lashes gently scratch off the dried liner and store in the custom lash box the came in.